Pole dance is more than sport, it is an experience that changes your life. As you enjoy pole dancing you would understand that every women should love her body and accept herself as she is knowing that she is beautiful and powerful.
  • Its SUNDAY time to go make STORIES for Mondayfollowyourpasssion poledancerhellip
  • Good Sunday GODDESS REDIMER today a good shower relax yourhellip
  • REDIMER today spread love and Goddess and followyourpasssion poledance polefitneshellip
  • GODDESS leave a little of your SPARKLE wherever you GO
  • Lifes a STORY make yours a BESTSELLER flowers summerpole sundayvibes
  • We all have DIFFERENT ways to do THINGSso heres ourhellip
  • Its the opportunity for bring the most colorful and comfyhellip
  • 99 of the time friends are told to close theirhellip
  • WEDSLAY Im alive motivated determined  ready to slay thehellip